Terms & Condition



Eligibility Test

In this phase we will select the persons who are eligible for the internship. By collecting the data given by the basic IQ test . We sincerely look for persons who are eligible and don’t want lose the money of them. This test is for selecting the eligible persons who are allowed to apply for the internship.



Confirmation Mail

In this phase we will send the official confirmation mail to the eligible intern who had scored the above 25% in IQ test. The confirmation mail will redirect to the Qualifying internship. To confirm ,the eligible intern should pay rupees 999/- ,by clicking on the button sended to mail the will redirect to the payment option.

Confirmed Persons

In this phase we will collect the persons who have confirmed there mail. And go through the contact information provided.Timing and Date will be allocated to the confirmed persons for the third phase.

NOTE : ONLY 20 PERSONS CAN  APPLY THROUGH THE LINK (i.e. First come first serve)



Qualifying Internship


In this phase we will go through the persons who have confirmed there mails and interview them. The ratio of selecting the persons will be 1:20. Remaining nineteen member will given a certificate of Eligibility. Two chances are given to the remaining nineteen persons to get there money back. They should enter in the quiz. The person’s with highest scores in the test will get there money back. Two chances are given every person who not got qualified to collect their money back.




We the company MHfictio creations Pvt.ltd provide solutions for  software and technical issues for the users and companies. We are here to provide the Internship for the students. We want to bring awareness for the students for the work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. And the term used for a wide range of placements , in businesses, non-profit organization and government agencies.

We are here to hire the persons who eligible for design websites and applications in the category of computer science.

For more details go through over website and start live chat with us at www.mhfictio.com .



Team MHfictio.